About the Witch

I was born Michelle, but my little cousin (Lord help me he’s not so little anymore!) couldn’t say my name when he was a toddler and could only call me Mimi… which stuck. So, Hello there! My name is Mimi, and I am the proprietress and practitioner here at the Sea Witch Emporium.

My family, living as they did in Winston-Salem, North Carolina since colonial times, passed to me a unique blend of German settler’s folk magic and the local practices of the Appalachian foothills. I grew up stirring in the kitchen, clipping the herb garden, drawing baths and scenting linens, but the call of the Sea was something I could never resist. Water magic in all it’s forms seemed such a tiny hop from the herbal baths and cleansings of my youth.

When my husband J.D. and I moved to Charleston, South Carolina, I was finally able to answer the Ocean’s call and I created The Sea Witch Emporium, offering the magics of my family and the blend of practices my travels have taught me. I currently live in my husband’s home town, the magical city of New Orleans, and my practice has bloomed in the rich soil of the Mississippi River. New Orleans has greatly informed and inspired my work, and I am thrilled to be able to bring you along on my journey through magic, readings, and handmade product. From Mountain to Sea, River to Bayou, I am so happy to share my products and readings here.