Skilled Readings

I’ll be the first person to say that my readings cover a wide area and use a lot of different modalities; I work with Tarot, Mediumship, Pendulums, Palms… my readings typically feature Tarot as their heart, but I’ll pull from a range of different tools during your reading to make sure we see what we need to see or bring through any specific messages that Spirit may have for you.

I can work in person, or perform your reading via phone or video chat; just let me know when inquiring about setting up your appointment which you’d prefer.

Pricing is by time allotted; I find a 15 minute reading is fantastic for most sessions, especially if there are only a few pressing questions or needs. For more complicated scenarios I’d recommend a half hour session, and for truly in-depth analyses, year readings, or major deep-dives I find an hour to be perfect.

Please select one of the options below, and send me a message via my contact form to set your appointment date and time.

15 Minute Session $40.00

30 Minute Session $75.00

60 Minute Session $120.00